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About Us

Integrated Development Action for Poverty Reduction Organization (IDAPRO) is an indigenous non-government and nonprofit making organization anticipating work toward combating poverty through designing and implementing integrated development interventions

IDAPRO at Glance

Integrated Development Action for Poverty Reduction Organization (IDAPRO) is newly established as an indigenous non-government and nonprofit making organization anticipating work toward combating poverty through designing and implementing integrated development interventions, humanitarian response and on selected policy advocacy issues. It was established by Ethiopian citizens loyally united, committed and aiming to contribute voluntarily to the poverty reduction action in Ethiopia through implementing well designed, planned and studied interventions that improves the livelihood of the community


We aspire to see poverty relieved, self-resilient communities who are capable to provide sufficient subsistence and to lead a decent economic and social life.


Our mission is to extricate the destitute from poverty through result-oriented multi-dimensional integrated sustainable development interventions which are believed to have a significant impact to improve the living standards of the community, thereby reducing poverty.


Our core value which directs our decision actions and relationship


We respect the community we serve, our partner and tall people with regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, opinion., solicit diverse opinions in decision-making processes and support and encourage freedom of expression of their interest. We also promote, hold diversity and teamwork. Generally, we treat others the way we would like to be treated.

Accountability and transparency

Accountability and Transparency are critical for the efficient functioning of a modern economy and for fostering social well. Transparency serves to achieve accountability, which means that authorities and technical functionaries can be held responsible for their actions. Therefore, we believe in working in an accountable and transparent way with the community we serve and our partners more specifically in using resources properly.


We will work hard to establish an internal framework of standards and processes intended to engage and motivate employees to deliver products and services that fulfill customer requirements within business expectations. Hence, will make the utmost effort for the continuous improvement of our services to make it efficient, effective and appropriate. We promote innovation, and believe in learning from works and others for sustained improvement of our program quality.


We are flexible to adapt to newly emerging issues/changes in our operational environment.

Community empowerment

We highly value community empowerment, we believe in learning from the community and others

Diversify and inclusiveness

IDAPRO will embrace diversity of the community and its members in providing services with particular focus to the most disadvantageous. IDAPRO will be also inclusive of gender, sex, older people, culture, and ethnicity, disability, where any form of discriminations is not accepted and tolerated any more.

Service quality

IDAPRO believes and committed to continuous improvement in delivering quality services to the community and stakeholders.

Networking and collaboration

We believe in working with collaboration to leverage resources, skills with those whose missions are aligned with our programmatic area.


accountable to work towards sustainable development.

Women Socio - Economy Empowerment

Our Strategic Approach

Partnerships Building

IDAPRO will keep building and maintaining of strong partnerships with different development actors that share our vision, particularly Federal and regional governments and other next level government structures that prevail till the kebele administration.

Networking and Collaboration

The project collaborates and establishes strong networking with development actors in the project area, the community and the government sector offices through joint designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the projects.

Cluster Membership

IDAPRO strongly believes in the synergy to be obtained through cluster membership for accessing and sharing global, national, regional and local information. Hence; IDAPRO will be member of WASH, Environment, Child Protection, Education, Agriculture, Humanitarian Response, Health & nutrition clusters at regional and national levels.

Implementation of Environmental Friendly Technologies

The project will use simple, durable, and environmentally friendly easy technologies for maintenance and management.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to planning and implementation of sustainable development interventions by taking into account the technical, financial, socio-cultural and environmental sustainability.

Commitment to Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

We are committed to ensuring that our program minimizes the immediate and long-term risks of climate change to those communities we serve. And to work towards carbon neutrality, including enhanced energy efficiency


We are always ready to implement our program in a flexible way in accordance to the best interest of the targeted community and our relevant partners


Where We Work

All Around the country (Ethiopia)

Our Licenses

IDAPRO is legally registered as a local non-government organization with registration number 6085 by FDRE Authority for Civil Society Organizations in accordance with civil society proclamation number 1113/2011.

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